We're Flove and we've created reusable and comfy high quality products – that manage those floves. We f*love that we can help you save money, save the planet and take care of your vagina, all at the same time.

Zero leaks. Zero waste. Zero nasties.

For your periods.

Flove menstrual cup is a high quality menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone. You simply put the menstrual cup in your vagina, instead of a tampon. The best part is that it lasts for years, collects the blood without your vagina drying out, and you can "forget" that you have your period for up to 12 hours! Flove's menstrual cup is designed in Norway, manufactured in Taiwan and contains only medical grade silicone with certified pigments. This thing will treat your vagina with respect, keeping you healthy and safe. You save loads of cash and the planet from tons of waste. It comes in two sizes, is easy to use and is great for beginners.

Made with (F)love.

We promise to be honest and transparent, and to work hard to keep our products kind to the planet, animals, vaginas and the bloody flove! We have control over all the steps of the development, process and production. We f*love it!

Totally objective opinions

"Flove is super easy and comfortable to use and the best part is it's good for both you and the environment! Flove it!" - Helèn

"Jeg liker at produktet er enkel å bruke, kjenner den ikke når jeg bruker den, holder å tømme etter 12 timer, er etisk og miljøvennlig! Anbefaler virkelig alle jenter og kvinner til å bruke denne menskoppen!" Marte

"I (f)love my cup! I have been using cup for years but (f)love is so easy to use and easy to clean. I love the material and not to mention the colour (yellow)! All thumbs up :D"

"Fullstendig overbevist etter første forsøk! Enkelt, renslig og trygt. Etisk og sporbart produkt!" - Katharina

Keeping up