Our story

Flove was established by Jeanett Pettersen, who was tired of all the bad products she was taught to use during her period. Your vagina is the most absorbent organ you have. If the products you use contain potentially toxic chemicals, you may run the risk of getting them right into your bloodstream.

Have you ever seen a list of ingredients on period products? In fact, in this industry we are not required to disclose the content of the products we sell. There is no requirement for the production, process or raw material before the products are sold.  

Therefore we have developed a reusable menstrual cup - well documented, high quality and completely without toxic chemicals. This thing will treat your vagina with respect, keeping you healthy and safe for up to 12 hours without your vagina getting dry. We have control over all the steps of the development, process and production.

Why Flove menstrual Cup?

Our menstrual cup is designed to be comfy and easy to use. The double rim at the top allows the part just below to be softer and therefore more flexible. It’s easy to get in place and you can use several folding methods. It's a bit harder at the bottom to prevent your muscles from squeezing the cup too much, which can otherwise lead to leakage.

Flove menstrual cup is made from Dow Corning certified medical grade silicone. The finished product is NOT tested on animals, but the raw material is at some point, like any other medical grade silicone is.

The menstrual cup is designed in Norway by designers at Inventas and is produced in a certified clean room at Kingley in Taiwan. The bags provided are made of Tencel and are printed and sewn in Portugal. The packaging is made of cardboard and is printed at 07 Media in Oslo. We f * love it!